Coachings also can take place on the phone or online.
Background - Katja von Armansperg

Katja von Armansperg

began her professional career as an Industrial Management Assistant and graduated in Business Administration at the University of Cooperative Education with Marketing and Human Resources as major subjects.

As an unconventional thinker, she changed her career by entering the counseling sector.

One of her salient features is her passionate commitment to the satisfaction and pleasure of people in their professional & private lives

As a licensed "inkom Communication Trainer", she holds the seminar "Successful - Professional and Private - Communication" on the basis of the Awareness Wheel Method®.

In the field of Systemic Coaching, she assists her clients throughout the phases of change and crisis in their professional and private lives.

What can you expect? A stronger sense of life & fulfillment consistently based on strength, love and self-confidence, thus making it possible for you to realize the blessing flowing into your life as well as to see and feel the blessing you are for others.