"Successful Professional & Private Communication"

Gelingende KommunikationTraining sessions intended to enhance communication for singles, partners & couples based on the "Bewusstheitsrad"® ("Awareness Wheel") concept, a registered trademark of inkom, Martin and Georgia Drescher, Schweinfurth.

This communication seminar

imparts easy-to-understand communication-enhancing skills and strategies. Up to the present day, more than 1,000,000 people have already participated successfully in this training course in several countries of the world. Scientific evidence of this positive effect has been given on several occasions.

You'll find the german seminar flyer here below!

The seminar is open to anyone eager to enhance his/her communication skills.

Learning objectives:

The training course imparts practical skills through theoretical impulses, demonstrations, questionnaires and partner exercises.
You, too, can benefit from this training course and translate its gist immediately into practice in your everyday life. This training course was developed by Dr. Sherod Miller and his research team at the University of Minnesota, USA, in 1975, and has been constantly improved since then. Over 65 studies devoted to this topic have been published in professional journals, or dissertations.

Copyright© 2001 by ICP, Evergreen, Colorado, USA and inkom M. und G. Drescher, 97422 Schweinfurt.

Course description:

  1. Understanding yourself introduces you to the Awareness Wheel - a model that helps you become aware of the things around you, allowing you to deal with information more efficiently. You will also learn six speaking skills to ensure complete and clear communication of information.
  2. Understanding your interlocutor provides five simple, but effective listening skills. They will help you show better understanding for your interlocutor and give a relationship-deepening response to his/her needs.
  3. Choosing communication styles: The way we speak and listen reflects the characteristic features of four different communication styles as well as their positive and negative effects on the success of discussions.
  4. The problem-solving strategy helps you identify your typical behavioral patterns, when dealing with decisions, problems and conflicts. The problem-solving strategy integrates the speaking and listening skills acquired, and helps you make decisions. Moreover, this chapter provides an integrated summary of all concepts and skills of this program and gives a general idea of how they can be implemented in practice.

A "fresh-up course" is highly recommended after a certain period of time!